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much. >> will you forego a strike if congress disapproves? >> president barack obama saying the u.s. should take military action against syria but also saying that he will seek authorization from the u.s. congress, talking too house and senate leaders this morning, and he said they agreed to hold 'debate and then a vote when congress gets back. congress is not scheduled to be back until september 9. from the labor day vacation. the president saying that this comes as, he acknowledged, british parliament, voted against prime minister david cameron, for the authorization of force against syria this past week. we believes that he has the authority to president obama said, but he wants congress to weigh in. he said, he wants this action to happen because the u.s. cannot stand by and let chemical weapons be used to gas hundreds of children to death with no action afterwards. he said the implications go beyond chemical warfare and he mentioned the possibility of other countries using nuclear weapons or threatening to do so. he said, we all are war weary in america but it is time to step t
the u.s. respond? plus, fresh outrage over the nsa's surveillance programs after the white house releases secret court rulings. and president obama says he's on a personal mission to make college more affordable. we will tell you what he has planned. >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. growing here and abroad about america's hands-off approach to the middle east. as new evidence of chemical weapons used in syria surfaces and egypt moves closer to civil war. we a great to have you here. welcome back to the program. >> thank you for having me. >> good. let's look at syria first. a year ago, i think it was the president famously, president obama, fame famously said -- use of chemical weapons would be a red line that syria shouldn't cross and would have consequences. what is assad's calculation that he would cross, be willing to cross that red line? >> small-scale attacks and nothing happened. what happened recently was the sixth attack and -- each attack has been bigger than the previous one with the exception of one in the middle. so -- he has been testin
." chemical weapons in syria and egypt teters on the brink of civil war. how should the u.s. respond? >>> and nsa surveillance programs after the white house issues secret court rulings and president obama says he's on a personal mission to make colleges more affordable. we'll tell you what he's got planned. >>> welcome to the "journal" editorial report. growing concerns both here and abroad about america's hands-off approach to the middle east. egypt moves closer to civil war. a syndicated columnist and author of 11 books on the middle east joins me now from london. welcome back to the program. great to have you here. >> thank you. . >> good, let's look at syria. first, a year ago, i think it was, president obama famously said their use of chemical weapons would be a red line that syria shouldn't cross and would have consequences. what is bashar assad's consequences that he's willing to cross that line? >> what happened recently was the sixth attack and now a pattern is emerging, each attack has been bigger than the previous one. so he has been testing both the international and pub
luck and try it. and good luck in 2014. >> thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. >> welcome to "red eye." you think you can dance, if you mean by dance, that means escape from the activity pit in my basement apartment. good luck, mr. hammer. andy, what is coming up? >> the top story tonight, seattle city hall advises employees not to use the word citizen or brown bag. and the most outrageous story of this or any other year, straight ahead. and san diego mayor boll filner a terrible person or an awful human being? a fair and balanced look in a moment. and you will not believe what new york city women are putting on their faces to make themselves look younger. seriously, you will not believe it. it's horrible. >> you don't know it's saturday, do you? >> no. is it saturday? >> did you go home? >> no. >> the game, hot potato is now called harris balkner potato, i'm here with her, she anchors saturday's and sundays, 7:00 p.m. eastern fox news kmanl and butterflies get tattooed of her on their ankles. yes, butterflies have ankles and they have tatto
this is not about poor people, they already get medicaid. obama care is about hooking the rest of us -- >> you're already explaining, sir. >> i don't see a lot of downside here. because if either they force some reform, maybe even if it's too much to hope that they get the president to kill obama care, maybe they enforce some delays in the implementation of it. on the other hand, what do you have? you have -- the government shuts down for a few days. maybe some epa employees will be considered nonessential and people will be able to drill for more oil. i mean, i don't really see what the downside is. >> kim, can the republicans really hold out in a shutdown showdown? if, for example, the national parks start getting shut down, the air traffic controllers don't show up for work. i've been through this rodeo before. i don't think i've seen the republicans maintain a united front here. which is what you have to do to succeed. >> look, one of the reasons this has been pushed off till now is because republicans lost this battle a couple of times and they decided to wait till this fall to try to tac
. >> paul: joining us this week, dan henninger. james freeman and washington columnist kim strassel. dan, this marco rubio strategy, what do you think of it? >> other than the fund-raising possibilities for all the principals, as a strategy, wait we're describing it. we'll have a lot of detail in it. the problem is this is about the budget. okay? funding the whole government which is invariably a complex subject. if they pursue this strategy about funding obamacare, yeah, they think they will get some support for it. they will get the support of 43% of the country. the rest of the country watches this, it will roll forward toward the shutdown. then i'm convinced all the media coverage will immediately start, every tv station will talk about the effect of a government shutdown. this is tsunami of coverage is going to wash the republicans out to sea one more time. people won't be able to focus on the complex details of this strategy. >> paul: it will be budget and funding the government and not about obamacare. james? >> i think it's going to be about obamacare. it's different from some ea
>>> this week, global terror alert shuts u.s. embassies across the arab world. a look at how al qaeda made its comeback. it is the story nobody in washington wants to talk about. we will tell you how the white house is helping congress weasel out of obama care. the president says it is time for the government to get out of the mortgage business. six years after the housing bubble burst, is it a step in the right direction? >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report." 19 u.s. embassies and consulates were shuttered this week. senior al qaeda operatives were intercept. indicating the plans for a major attack were under way and calling it into question the obama administration's narrative the terror group is on the run. "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor brett stephens and editorial board member matt kaminski join me with more. just to add this list on friday, the u.s. closed the consulate in lahore, pakistan, which i have been to and which is the safest parts supposedly the safest part of pakistan. are we watching the comeback of al qaeda as a global threat? >> we
the u.s. closed the consulate in pakistan which i've been to which is the safest part of pakistan. are we watching the comeback of al-qaeda? >> we have been watching it for a month but now we have noticed. this last week is one, the al-qaeda core, central pakistan led by ayman al-zawahri and he is active. number two, we have seen that the al-qaeda affiliates, after al-qaeda in pakistan they moved to yemen and moved to north africa and moved to syria. but syria and yemen has been the most dangerous one. >> paul: this is the source? >> exactly. he named this afal yacht as number two that prompted the alert over the week. >> paul: what makes them dangerous. a lot of people say don't worry about this, these are local franchises. they are really not threatening us. they are preoccupied with the governments of their countries. that is all. we don't need to be as concerned as we do with the al-qaeda core? >> we need to be preoccupied with the sophistication and reach and ambition. that is what we've been seen. affiliate in yemen was trying to bomb western jet liners oh over detroit sever
said states requiring voters to show i.d.s at the poll us withes not a great burden. so not only have they ruled, you know, in the voting rights case this year, but you also have their imprimatur on this and that one was in indiana. >> so, paul, hillary has embarked on this speech tour in which she talks about making government work again. but to colin's point about rhetoric getting out of hand, all the examples that hillary cited her speech and she did cite examples were in the south, mississippi, texas, florida, south carolina. she is suggesting that since 1965 and 2013 the white people in the south are irrevocably racist and cannot be trusted. half of the country below the mason-dixon line still cannot be trusted and this is a person who wants to be president of the entire united states and this is the basis on which she's going to run to turn out as jason suggested, black voter turnout. in 2005 the federal election reform commission headed by jimmy carter and former secretary of state jim baker said that voter i. dchlt laws should be promoted because they will enfranchise black vo
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the place. >> that's the argument the defenders of the hoax use. it is not a good arangement because a hoax is a hoax. by the way, he brought up fried chicken because she was talking about how diet affects certain specific ethnic groups and they have different diets. >> you don't want to defend that way. >> no, i don't want to defend. i do love southern foods. >> i wouldn't say it is clumsy as much as dumly. >> i will take dumly. >> we are not buying chicken anyway. it is a moot po nie t. >> what did did you say? oh moot. >> bill's argument is the argument they use when they are caught. >> i was arguing the point that racism is almost nonexistent. she was brought to the table and would bring a lot of things we would have to bleep. >> anytime racism comes up it is assumed white. it is a two-way streets and we are starting to see that now. does it make you nervous that people are just now catching on in the mainstream media? >> i think we are finally having the brave conversation that eric holder was talking about. he was talking about america is afraid of talking about race. now we are talki
cool, he sweats ice cubes. i was going to use a different ver v verb, but it's 11:00. and sitting next to me, rick "sexy" leventhal. >> at anybody know what's on the spike channel right now? >> very funny. if you're tweeting, this is a temporary studio or is it? thanks for taking that wide shot, by the way. he's bummed over bam. yep, matt damon, if that's his real name, says he feels like president obama has dumped him. here's the former fan discussing the president with bet. >> he broke up with me. there are a lot of things i really question, you know, the legality of the drone strikes and the nsa revelations are -- you know, it's like -- you know, jimmy carter came out and said we don't live in a democracy. and that's a little -- that's a little intense when an ex-president says that. so, you know, he's got some explaining to do. particularly for a constitutional law professor. >> must have. blue shirt day on bet. anyway, on friday, obama called a press conference to address his relationship with damon directly. >> we have conversations. they're candid, they're blunt. often times the
, you brought up an important point. parents who use drugs have kids who use drugs. i saw it and watched you. >> cholesteral lowering drugs and use heroin and you blame him? >> you get a sense of heroin if you snort it. something for the kids to remember. >> was he boulder if he was older. a 67 year old great- grandmother accused bob filner of sexual harrassment. peggy said he hugged her and kissed her on the lips and repeatedly asked her out. at her press conference with gloria alred. she described one uncomfortable encounter. >> on the day that mayor filner came by and asked me if he could go eight hours, i was shocked he said that to me. >> he's scum and fiowa lner completed intensive this were and we have a video on what he was shown not to do. ♪ presidenty bird. respiratory >> that is disgusting. >> and nancy pelosi finally said filner should resign. was she waiting for 15 women. >> or waiting for hooters to come out and discourage all of the feminist and libs. we will not serve you because you suck. it took a long time with it. and took a long time to denounce him. it is bad. soo
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)